Horizons #5: Viking Star

19 Jun 2015

Horizons #5: Viking Star

The Viking Star, delivered in early 2015, is the first of a series of small ships for luxury cruises commissioned by Viking Ocean Cruises to Fincantieri.

Among all the glazed products supplied by Somec for Viking Star, there are 37 automatic sliding doors, installed along ship-side and in the aft of the restaurant located at deck 2, and the Explorers’ Lounge glazing.

The pressure test on the automatic doors was carried out in the presence of the Lloyd’s Register Surveyor, at a pressure of 11.200 kg/sqm that was 4 times the requested pressure load (2800 kg/sqm).

The doors automation is controlled by a panel to set up the simultaneous opening of all the doors or of a part of them. WATCH THE VIDEO.

The elegant glazing designed for the Explorers’ Lounge extends from deck 7 to deck 9, with an initial vertical part and an inclination of 40° starting from deck 8, to grant an extraordinary panoramic view on the horizon. 
Where sky and sea meet.