Horizons #12: Special glass applications on board AIDAprima

28 Oct 2016

Horizons #12: Special glass applications on board AIDAprima

The new vertical guillotine door and the large turning doors on board AIDAprima, built in Japan at Mitsubishi shipyard. 

At the beginning of this year Aida Cruises took delivery of new flagship AIDAprima, built by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries shipyard in Japan.

Somec has delivered for AIDAprima the balustrades and partitions for the cabin balconies, and all the glass walls for the public areas, including the glazing for the theatre, restaurants, panoramic lifts, winter garden, spa areas, skylights, skywalk, wheelhouse and pool area.

Two special applications have been designed and engineered by Somec for the pool deck: a vertical sliding guillotine door and two large turning doors.

The guillotine door, connecting indoor and outdoor pool on deck 15, is realized with a stainless steel frame and insulating glass and works thanks to an electro-mechanical system with lateral guides.

For the same pool, 4 pivoting doors high have been designed and installed by Somec. These large doors, weighing 3 tons each, are made of steel frame and glass infill panels, and are equipped with inflatable gaskets all around the frames to provide weather tightness.

The actuator to move the doors and the compressor to inflate the gaskets are placed on the upper side on dedicated boxes; the door on the lower side is flush with the floor and provided with a drainage system.