Horizons # 8:  A-LSS new automatic sliding door for balconies

23 Nov 2015

Horizons # 8: A-LSS new automatic sliding door for balconies

A new product to improve comfort on board of cruise ships, perfect for suite cabins and ADA-compliant staterooms.  

Somec has recently developed a new product that will enhance passengers comfort on cruise ships: an automatic sliding door for balconies.

Characterized by a modern and minimal design, the new automatic door has exactly the same aesthetic appearance and size of its manual version, therefore the two doors are easily interchangeable while the external and internal layout remains unaltered. 

The doors profiles are pre-wired during door manufacturing and assembly process, so all the cables and connections remain hidden but easily accessible when needed.

The plug-in installation allows for the immediate operation of the door, which can be opened with internal and external buttons or wireless, for example by using your smartphone.

The automatic door is provided as well with integrated safety devices which can detect obstacles thanks to an adjustable electronic system which activates the door reversing movement.

The new automatic sliding door is conceived to reduce the operating and maintenance costs as much as possible through a careful choice of every single component.

Now available for the cruise industry market at a highly competitive price, the new automatic door for balconies is the perfect solution to guarantee an optimal confort level for passenger cabins.